Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Lucky Number 7!

We are coming up on Noel's 7th Birthday!  How is she that old?!?  My baby!   She's lost 8 teeth, she can read, she loves school, and loves to dance.   On top of all that, she's beautiful. 


She can be a bit bossy.  Don't believe me?  Ask her brother!  Annnnd she's a worrier.  She gets that from her mommy! 

Bodie's MAD!

Something made Bodie very angry!

Last Primary Competition

Noel's last Primary Fling.  She preformed it in Cincinnati in April.  Another competition where she came away with 4 first place medals in the 4 dances she competed it.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

We Did It!

Bodie is all done with his ear tube procedure! He made it through with flying colors and is now happily watching his second Toy Story movie of the morning!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Bodie has yet another ear infection right now. We've just gotten word that his appointment with the Specialist will be Tuesday the 28th. We were informed that it would take at least three weeks to get in, but because Bodie has had 8 ear infections since just after Halloween they put a rush on him. We are really looking forward to getting Bodie some relief and back to his normal happy self.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Dance Show

Here is a video of the dance we did for the people in the Senior Living Center. It was a little holiday recital that we did for them as a gift. I'm the one on the far left. White shirt/dark blue and white kilt.

Snow Day!

It's really hard to try to keep me entertained on a snow day. This Sunday was kind of like a snow day too because it snowed so much we were told not to go anywhere. We made Shrinkey-dinks.

We did other art and crafts too.

We played LOTS of board games in front of the fire.

Bodie and I snuggled together in Mommy and Daddy's bed and read books.

And then things got a little crazy!

Monday was a full-on Snow Day! Nobody had school it was SO boring! I did NOT want to have to stay at home with Mommy and Bodie. I wanted to go to school! But it was really a good thing. Towards mid-morning both Bodie and I ended up with really high fevers that we haven't been able to shake. We've now been put on anitbiotics and I really don't want to miss my school Christmas Program this evening. I'm feeling much better today. Mommy kept me home in the morning so that I could rest and sleep in as much as I needed. Then she took me in just after lunch. Right in time for my class and I to walk to the high school so we can practice tonight's performance on stage!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Big Girl Teeth

Isn't this the most becoming photo? Ha!

Do you see my Big Girl Teeth that are growing in there?!!?!?! I haven't lost any of my baby teeth yet, but those two teeth are pushing my other ones right out of the way. Mommy keeps telling me to try and wiggle them so that I don't have to have the Dentist pull them out in February. But I'm a little worried about wiggling them.

Mommy-Bodie Days

During the week, when I'm at school, there are some days when it's just mommy and Bodie. First, Mommy makes Bodie work shoveling snow or other things, depending on the weather.

Then they walk around our new house and explore the yard. Although, they can't do this anymore. We have too much snow and it's hard for Bodie to walk around in it.

Once they get good and cold, they come in and heat up with some hot chocolate. Bodie's hair looks like this for the rest of the day. Static City!

They play with cars and trains. Plus they both talk on the phone a.lot.

But the best part of their day is the cuddling and tickles that happen while I'm not there to steal some of Bodie's attention away.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Ears, Ears, and More Ears.....That Are Infected.

Over the last month, our poor Mr. Bodie-boy has had 7 ear infections. All of a sudden. BAM! An ear infection here an ear infection there. He barely has time to get over one before he's got another one. As of Monday, he's been given two weeks to be infection free and without any signs of fluid in his ears. Otherwise, he will be headed to the Ear-Nose-Throat Specialist for tubes.

Since I've been in school, Bodie has come up with a new thing he likes to do. He will stand at the bathroom sink forever playing with his bath toys. He turns on the water and makes his fish swim in the waterfalls. He turns the water off and puts his fish to bed. That sort of thing. It can go on for a long time.


Mommy has been trying to find this video for so long. It's from almost a year ago. We practiced and practiced to do this just right!

First Day of School

Here I am! All ready for school with my lunch, backpack, raincoat, and boots.

Daddy took me took school on my first day and the principal took our picture.

The coat room, where I have to remove all the rain-gear that I just barely put on.

This is me waiting to be released at the end of the day. We made Racoon head-gear to go along with the book "The Kissing Hand" which we read.

Back home again after an exciting first day of school. It's been over three months and I still love it!

Bodie Sings

Mommy showed us her favorite movie from when she was my age....ANNIE! Both Bodie and I LOVED it. We both like to sing all of the songs.

Dance Video

Here is a video of Noel's first dance in her first competition.

Monday, September 06, 2010

Noel's 1st Dance Comp 9\4\10 (19 photos), by Holly Nelson

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